Benefits of Massive Followers for Your Direct Sales Business

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Optimizing your Instagram page can lead to big rewards, whether you are a marketer, business person or musician. Today we look at the impact of having a large following on your direct sales business.

By sticking to a few friends and customers, you allow the competition to flourish. With the market becoming so volatile and customers being so choosy, you need to be at the top of your game. Let us look at how you benefit when you have people, a lot of people to follow you.

Grow Your Business

Nothing grows your business faster than having an audience that is ready to listen to you. With a large following, you can implement the right call to action, otherwise called CTA. CTA has been tested over time and found to work.

With an audience, all you need to do is post something that will trigger their mind and entice them to follow your CTA. The CTA in this sense can be to buy a product, join a cause, sign up for a newsletter or just read an article. For instance, to sell something, you can have a CTA such as “click this link if you want to learn more!”

Know About Your Performance

When you have reliable followers, you attract more followers to your page. The best thing about having these followers is that you get feedback that is unbiased and straight to the point. You can know what users like and what they don’t like about your products and services.

Knowing about your performance is one of the ways to align your products with the needs of the buyer. An audience makes it possible for you to ask questions, get the right answers and make decisions that affect the business.

Identify a Profit Location

When you have a lot of followers, you can assess and know where most of the traffic comes from. You can do this using a few analytic tools that come with your Instagram account. Once you know where your visitors are coming from, you can focus all your efforts on this region, because you are sure you can get more sales from this area.

When you identify the profit location, you can use targeted hashtags to improve your visibility to the audience. Additionally, make use of CTAs to make sure you get the required reaction from your followers.

It Is Easy to Analyze and Optimize Your Performance

Instagram makes it easy to analyze and assess various aspects of your engagement. You can use both quantitative and qualitative analysis to understand more about your engagement and whether they are delivering results or not.

You can only perform proper analysis if you have enough followers on your page. For the best results, have at least 5,000 reliable followers that can help you make an analysis. Less than this and you end up with results that can’t give you a clear picture of the situation.

Quantitative analysis relates to the engagement on each post or image. You can use an app to calculate the interaction that you get on each post. You need to measure the number of clicks on the post and how many of the clicks lead to a sale or a call. In short, quantitative measurement gives you an insight into the revenue potential. If the interaction gives you some leads, then you have a good starting point.

On the other hand, the qualitative analysis looks at other aspects of the marketing procedure that isn’t about numbers. For instance, you want to determine whether the content you post supports your efforts or not. You also determine whether you are delivering value to your audience or not.

To enjoy all these benefits, you need to attract more followers. You can do this by having many followers to start with. Visit to get likes and followers to start you off or to boost what you already have.

Streamline Your Products to the Needs of Your Audience

When you have a large following, you can use the analysis to streamline what you offer to the various needs of your audience. When you give your customers what they need, you sell more.

The Bottom-line

Instagram is all about numbers. The more followers and likes that you have, the bigger the benefits you reap from this platform.

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