Carpet Maintenance Advice – Secrets to a Long-Lasting Carpet

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Carpets are a great addition to a home, they add life and color to any room. However, even if you always try hard to keep your carpet clean and spotless, there will come a time when it gets dirty because of spills, dirt, and other accidents.

So if you want them to last for many years, you have to know how to properly take care of them and learn some basic carpet cleaning tricks to prolong the life of your precious carpets. The following are some tips and tricks on how to keep them looking new and fresh for a very long time.

Take care of stains as soon as possible.

So, it is the weekend and you just finished making orange juice using your dual citrus bar juicer you found at Juicer Cruiser. Your kid accidentally knocks over a glass and spills the entire thing onto the carpet. What do you do? Do not panic. Find a clean, dry cloth and blot the juice with it. Do this repeatedly to absorb as much of the moisture as possible. Avoid scrubbing the stain as this will only spread the juice around and may ruin the carpet fibers.

Use household products to remove different kinds of carpet stains.

It is important that you clean up juice stains and other kinds of stains immediately. Delaying will only give these stains time to seep deeper into the carpet, making it a lot more difficult for you to get rid of them. In the case of orange juice stains, you can formulate a homemade cleaning solution using household products that you may already have in your cupboards. Pour about two cups of cold water into a small container, and add one tablespoon of liquid handwash or dishwashing detergent. Stir. Dip a sponge into the solution, and dab it onto the orange juice stain on the carpet repeatedly until the spot disappears. Finish up by dabbing a clean rag or cloth onto the treated area to absorb excess moisture. Leave the carpet to dry.

Vacuum as often as you can.

Every day, your carpet gets exposed to dust, dirt, and other particles. Over time, these impurities will build up and make your carpet dirty. And, there is a good chance for bacteria and mold to grow deep in the carpet fibers, and cause allergies and other health problems to you and your family. To prevent all of these, vacuum your carpet on a daily basis.

Steam clean.

While daily vacuuming gets rid of dust and dirt, and lowers the chances for buildup and accumulation, it may not be enough to remove impurities that have found shelter in the deeper parts of your carpet. Sometimes, certain stains also do not come off even after you have tried every homemade carpet cleaner recipe you found online. For these reasons, you should look into steam cleaning. With steam cleaning, all sorts of stubborn stains can be gotten rid of, and every single carpet fiber can be ensured of its cleanliness. It is a highly recommended carpet cleaning method that has to be done a couple of times a year to keep your carpet in good condition.

Hire a professional for extensive cleaning.

If you do not want to clean your carpet on your own, you can always hire a carpet cleaning service to do the job for you. Because they are equipped with the right tools and materials to perform extensive carpet cleaning, you are assured to get satisfactory results and enjoy your carpets longer.

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