My Rather Dubious Storage Rental Experience

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I don’t rent storage space all that often but I bought some expensive computer equipment and before going on my holiday I figured it might be safer to put it in storage instead of leaving it at my house unprotected. I invested in mining equipment, if you don’t know what that is, I’m talking about…read more

Most businesses are using the power of the internet to make sure they get more sales and generate revenue. The internet is providing these benefits not only to them but to end users as well. This is the reason why more and more businesses are looking for a way to improve their online presence as…read more

When it comes to employees, be sure to get everything correct from the get-go. Know all there is to know about your workers. Keep a record of their qualifications, date of employment, performance and so on. Get ID badges for them to know who which employee works in which department. Start by visiting to view a…read more

How to Save on Lego Purchases

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With children in the home, you are looking at Lego games being strewn all over the floor each day.  The need for the pieces does not stop at any time, because there are more than a million pieces produced, and you need to get a few more each week to satisfy the hunger of the…read more

Natural Products to Relieve Back Pain

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Do you suffer from a sore or stiff back? You’re not alone. Statistics show the majority of people will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. While there are a number of pain medications available to relieve back pain and stiffness, many people prefer to go the natural route. Read on to learn…read more

Effective Instagram Marketing strategies

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There are currently lots of Social media apps around, very few people would argue against Instagram is the most popular, with over 700 million users. Social media platforms are successfully being used for marketing and brand building, therefore it is no surprise that businesses are using Instagram to market campaigns. It is estimated that there…read more

How to Make Your Green Smoothie Taste Better

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Who said that green smoothies shouldn’t be tasty? Sure, with ingredients such as spinach, herbs, and kale, they can taste downright awful. However, with a little creativity, you can spruce up your green smoothies without losing the nutritional value. Here’s how; Vary Your Greens This is perhaps the surest way to improve your smoothie’s taste….read more

How a Paintball Vest Redeemed Me

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I’m not a sporty or athletic person at all. I don’t like getting dirty, going hiking, or even being around nature. I’ll blame this on my allergies, but even if I wasn’t allergic to everything green I’d still prefer to stay indoors with my beloved books and crafty hobbies. That being said, the rest of…read more

Why You Should Be Using a Treadmill

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It’s always difficult to decide what type of machine you want to exercise with. Today, you should just focus on one: a treadmill. It may not sound too flashy at first, but once you get through with this article you may have a different outlook on how great treadmills can be. Then, after going to…read more

Practicing can be tedious but knowing that you can sew a straight line will give you confidence to start your first project. Find some decent stripy scraps of cotton fabric to practice. You can even practice pressing whilst you’re at it.  Pressing will become important later on so it is good to know how well…read more

Welcoming My Goddaughter into the World

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The exciting news that your best friend just found out that she is going to have her very first baby creates an exciting time, especially when you already have children and know the joys of parenthood. When my best friend told me the news that she was expecting, I began to think up the thousands…read more

Coming to America

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When I was young people would ask me, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” More often than not, my answer was simple: I don’t know. Very rarely do children know what they want for their future and giving a definitive response at that time of my life was a certain impossibility….read more


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My pop was an executive for a worldwide travel company and as such, he travelled a lot.  He had to check out locations, hotels, the beaches and various tourist attractions and create new contracts. When my dad came home, he would tell magnificent stories about where he has been and what he had been doing….read more

Safety Tips to Keep You and Your Baby Safe

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It’s easier than it looks to cause injury when opening and closing a baby stroller amongst other hazards, it’s good to know a few safety tips before you carry on strolling. Get the right one Always look for a harness for your baby’s safety. Traditionally umbrella strollers are not built for smaller/younger babies but now…read more