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My pop was an executive for a worldwide travel company and as such, he travelled a lot.  He had to check out locations, hotels, the beaches and various tourist attractions and create new contracts. When my dad came home, he would tell magnificent stories about where he has been and what he had been doing….read more

Safety Tips to Keep You and Your Baby Safe

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It’s easier than it looks to cause injury when opening and closing a baby stroller amongst other hazards, it’s good to know a few safety tips before you carry on strolling. Get the right one Always look for a harness for your baby’s safety. Traditionally umbrella strollers are not built for smaller/younger babies but now…read more

Flat Iron Handling Tips

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There are several ways in which you can manage and style your hair to make it look beautiful. One of them is by using flat irons and that is why you have decided to invest in one. The most important thing when selecting a flat iron is to go for the one that works best…read more