People diagnosed with diabetes are likely to experience episodes of anxiety, according to a new study authored by researchers from Rice University. The scientists, led by Kyle Murdock, who works as an assistant professor at the University’s lab, say there is a direct connection between emotional stress and diabetes, which is thought to be as…read more

Dangers You Are Likely To Face Online

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The online space has opened up a lot of opportunities that were not there two decades ago. Many people are now earning online and making a decent lifestyle something that was unheard off in the past. Dissemination of information is now on another level, and people can now make decisions fast which speeds up business…read more

Post Workout Nutrition Tips You Need To Know

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You’ve just finished a workout session, and you’re trying to eat. How should you choose your meals? What should you have? Are there foods you can’t eat after working out? Is eating post workout important in the first place? For starters, you really don’t need to be a food specialist to know what to eat…read more

Everyone knows that recycling is good for the environment but did you know that it can be good for society, and even your wallet too? How much do YOU recycle? Do you do your bit by recycling empty cereal boxes and empty jam jars? What about composting your food scraps? Did you know that you…read more

How to Survive A Trip Abroad

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The title says it all. If you’re planning to travel to a developing country, there are some items that you absolutely must have in your suitcase. The very art of packing for any trip concerns bringing the necessities with you for the duration of your travels, with the expectation that you will be able to…read more

Wake Up, It’s Time For An Espresso

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Waking up in the morning and having to go to work is no reason to feel overjoyed, but the thing is that it can be if you know how to make a good espresso that’s going to instantly wake you up. I personally believe that the secret to making the best espresso is patience and…read more

Living With Thick Hair

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Thick hair can be one tough nut to crack, but we have to do it every single time we wake up. Getting your hair handled in the proper way is almost hit and miss, as a lot of people had managed to perfect their morning routine over the years. The individuals out there that don’t…read more