Flat Iron Handling Tips

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There are several ways in which you can manage and style your hair to make it look beautiful. One of them is by using flat irons and that is why you have decided to invest in one. The most important thing when selecting a flat iron is to go for the one that works best for your hair. The temperatures of the plates of the flat iron that work well with different types of hairs include;

  • 360F-380F; for normal, wavy hair with medium thickness
  • 380-410F; for thick coarse, curly hair
  • 260F-290F; for fine hair
  • Below 250F; for fragile hair

You have definitely looked at this and therefore have a rough idea on the type that is best for your hair. However, you should never forget to look at the flat iron reviews. There are several brands available in the market today and therefore selecting one may not be an easy task so why not looks at the flat iron reviews on the various websites. By doing this, you will get to know the real experience from people who have actually used them.

After that, you finally made the decision and you now know what to go for. The big question is ‘Do you know anything about handling flat irons?’ I am talking about things like;

Below is a discussion of the same;

How to use a flat iron

2120130You may feel a little awkward when you using a flat iron for the first time .Some practical tips that may make it easy for you include;

First, you need to divide your hair into at least four sections and secure each section with band. After that, start dealing with each one of the four sections at a time. You can do this by straightening a 1-inch sub-section at a time.

Place the flat iron close to the roots but avoid the scalp and then slowly pull it down the hair shaft to the ends.

Make sure that you are holding the straightener tight enough with a little bit of pressure for even distribution of heat and at the same time, it should be loose enough for each strand to smoothly stride through the plates.

Do this repeatedly with every sub-section and once you are done with the first section, go to the next until all the sections are done.

How to curl with a straightener

l_Ultra_CHI_Pink_Soft_Touch_Flat_Iron__1_inch_133411584472There are some flat irons that have been designed in a manner that they can not only straighten but also curl your hair. With some the proper technique, you can create completely, bouncy curls. A thin flat iron with a width of between 1-2 inches will create more distinct curls. To do this, follow the steps;

First make sure that your hair is completely dry and then section it off as you would if you were straightening it.

Next, heat the flat iron until you reach the normal temperatures that you would otherwise use if you were straightening and then spray a heat protectant & comb through. If your hair is really thick and coarse, it may be wise to spray one section at a time.

Clamp one small section of the hair and turn the flat iron in half turn and a U-shape will be formed over the iron. Travel down the hair strand and the faster you do this the less pronounced the curls will be. The tighter you hold the iron & the slower you move it, the more pronounced the curls will be.

Repeat the above steps until you are done with all the sections. After that, separate the curls using your fingers get that tousled look.

Caring for a straightener

solia-tourmaline-ceramic-ion-flat-iron-one-inch-plus-heat-proof-pouch-278x278Investing in a flat iron is not cheap and you therefore care for it so it can last longer. That is why it is good to know how to care for it so it can also maintain its effectiveness.

With time, you may notice a thick, sticky build up on the plates that often results from the styling products. This does not only increase the likelihood of having your hair damaged by the heat but it also reduces the effectiveness of your straightener. You can remove such residue with a towel damped in warm water and when doping this, the plates should slightly be warm.

It is good to clean your flat iron regularly so as to avoid excessive buildup on the plates as this can damage your straightener completely.

I hope these tips provided by Deziree Astra will help you maintain your hair straightener for a long time to come!

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