How do Hair Dryers Work? The Working Parts of a Hair Dryer

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In fact there are very little superfluous parts to a hairdryer as every little bit is working to give you a safe and comfortable hair drying experience.  Read on to find out the parts of newly manufactured hair dryers and how they all work together to make the whole product.

Inside your hair dryer is a small fan with a dinky little motor inside it. Once you switch it on the motor and fan spin using electrical energy. It is the centrifugal movement that draws the cool air into small vents made to prevent other stuff from entering. The air is blown down the barrel through the heating element and comes out as hot air.


  • revlon-laser-brillianceInside most hairdryers is a bare coiled nichrome wire that is wrapped around insulating mica boards
  • Nichrome is an alloy of nickel and chromium, used in many heat producing household gadgets
  • As this alloy is a poor conductor of electricity compared with other metals it has enough resistance to get hot from the electric current flowing through
  • It doesn’t oxidise too much so does not easily rust

The fan;

  • forces cool air through the heating element via the shape of the gadget, hence why nearly all hairdryers are similar in shape, the air flows through the heated wire making it hot air

The power;

  • Will dictate how hot the air is, measured in wattage/Kilowatts.
  • Early hairdryers put out only 100 watts, now it will be up to 2,000 watts or maybe as low as 600 watts
  • High and low heat settings can vary the power and thus vary the heat
  • The air is only in the heating element for about ½ second, new air is constantly feeding through as cool air

hc_sd4szMaterials such as;

  • The latest ceramic coatings offer a more even distribution of heat
  • Also crushed tourmaline is used to aid the ionic ability producing healthy negative ions and even better air flow, this helps to create less static as well, making your hair look shiny and smooth


  • Nowadays safety of electrical gadgets needs to be stringent and tested to a high degree
  • There are standards in place for our protection

Cut-off switch

  • Using a bimetallic strip as a cut off, bimetallic meaning 2 metal strips placed together, heating and expanding at different times creating a kink which will step in and cut the power off so you do not get too hot under the collar or burn your hair

conair-infiniti-pro-1875-watt-ac-motor-hair-dryer-278x278Thermal fuse

  • This little fuse will simply burn out if the temperature gets too high protecting you against fire


  • Without it the casing would become extremely hot and may burn, there is a heat shield inside your hairdryer

Protective screen

  • As air is drawn into the dryer so can dust and other particles enter the casing as well, now many models come with a lint filter for easy cleaning
  • Without periodic cleaning your hairdryer may not work efficiently

Front grill

  • The front needs to be able to withstand the hot air and is there to prevent accidental fingers going inside the dryer where it can be very hot


7684_14384_1014So this is how the humble hairdryer works to heat and dry our hair, helping us to look good every time.

If your hair dryer is not functioning very well, keeps shutting off in the middle of styling your hair perhaps it is dirty inside the mechanism.  If you are lucky enough to find it is easy to clean then that will solve the problem.

After a while motors and fans can burn out, if you ever see any smoking that would be a sure sign that your hairdryer is no longer safe and needs replacing.

If the safety fuse inside blows that could be a sign that there is a fault, the fuse is there for protection and it could be that it is no longer worth repairing.

If it is just getting on in years perhaps you can change to a newer model with the fantastic technological advances, with easy to clean functions, hanging hook, turbo charged, ceramics and cooling button to finish it all off, what more could you want?

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