How to Save Money with Local Deal Sites

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Local deal sites can be an excellent way to score a great deal. The sites offer “ending soon” discounts and one-day discounts as well as bonuses, but you have to know where to look. Below are local deals that can help you save a buck or two.

Smart Lock

You don’t have to worry about self-storage if you reside in Radford and surroundings environs including Christiansburg, Blacksburg, and Fairlawn. SmartLock offers safe storage space at a price that will not leave a hole in your wallet. The best part? You get to keep your belongings in temperature controlled rooms. Even more impressive, you can get outdoor rental and payment kiosks depending on your specific requirements.  Plus, with more than five years of experience, you can count on this facility to secure your items. Be sure to go to their website to find what SmartLock is all about and how they can help you with your self-storage needs.


This site offers daily deals in different cities across the world. All you need it to do is to choose your location and check out the sale of the day. Offers may vary depending on your where you live and include items such as spa services, meals at selected restaurants, excursions, ski lift tickets, hotel stays and much more.

To help you save money and choose the right product, Groupon provides information about the product, customer reviews and the number of people interested in buying the item or service.

Juice in the City

Juice in the City is a buying site that is moms oriented. The site brings together local moms who are paid commissions to find and arrange for deals. Thus the items on offer are already “mom-approved.” However, you don’t have to be a mom to buy things on Juice in the City. Any member can look up the offers and make the purchase that suits him or her best.

Buy With Me

Unlike most local deals sites that have one-day offers on selected items, Buy with Me keeps their deals up for seven days to give shoppers more time to choose. The site also offers a “Buy with Three” program. Through the program, you are allowed to purchase a link to a particular product and send it to your friends. If at least three of your friends buy the product, you get yours for free.


Apart from having deals for different cities around the world, LivingSocial also offers special deals that are family oriented. Additionally, the site also gives you your deal for free if at least three of your friends buy the same product. What makes LivingSocial unique is their Escapes and Adventures categories. Through the Escapes category, you can save money on vacation deals while the Adventure category offers deals on fun activities such as whitewater rafting and wine tasting.

Saving money has never been easier, thanks to the local sites that offer mouth-watering discounts. The best way to make savings through the sites is to create a comparison between them to see which Deal of the Day is not only suited for you but also saves you the most money.

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