Living With Thick Hair

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Living With Thick HairThick hair can be one tough nut to crack, but we have to do it every single time we wake up. Getting your hair handled in the proper way is almost hit and miss, as a lot of people had managed to perfect their morning routine over the years. The individuals out there that don’t have thick hair to take care of can be envious at times, as thick and luscious hair is a trait that every single person in the world would want to sport. Beauty is pain, right? Thick hair is harder to deal with than lighter hair because of the amount you’ve got to care for. This means you won’t just be able to go days without properly washing your hair (you shouldn’t be doing that anyways, take a shower!) – you’re going to have to build up some sort of hair care routine in order to really get the most out of your luscious locks. I’m writing this article because I wish I had some sort of help when I had to deal with my thick hair (in my younger days, of course). I’ve since learned my routine and I intend to stick with it for the rest of my life, but you still might need to find one for yourself.

Many things have to come into play for your thick hair to be as luscious as possible, and the products that go into your hair are one of the most major components here. We’re going to talk about that first, and then we’ll talk about some of the different accessories (and products) you can use to stylize your thickness. If you have friends with thick hair, ask them what it’s like to deal with it on a consistent basis. Ask for the kinds of items they use in the morning, as well as if they have any tips and tricks for you.

Keeping It Clean

Gorgeous teenager with long curly hairShampoo’s are very important, you’re dealing with hair and there are specific shampoo’s out there that are designed to suit your specific style. Thick hair has to have a lot of moisture in order to look as good as possible, when it dries out and becomes brittle, it loses its touch. A lot of people with thick hair tend to shoot for a shampoo that has some sort of moisturizing oil incorporated within it, like almond or cocoa butter (or anything along the lines of that). Another product to think about using is conditioner, which actually gets your thick hair ready for the shampoo itself. There are 2-in-1 products on the market right now for convenience purposes, so you don’t even really need to look for two individual products. Some people prefer that, however, as it allows them to customize their hair care experience a little more than permitted.

Mousse and gels aren’t really going to do much, people with thick hair can usually just make use of water and slick their hair back as they please. Gel is more so for people who want to go for a very specific look, or just really want to do something with their thin head of hair.

Hair Dryers

Help-for-Too-Thick-Hair--300x300Hair dryers will do a lot for your thick hair, because drying it as quickly as possible will allow you to work fast. Working fast means you’ll cut down the amount of time it takes for you to get ready, and you can also apply all of the additional styling products that you would like to easier. You also don’t have to worry about seriously damaging your hair with the wrong hair dryer, and isn’t that really worth the amount of time it takes to research a couple of them? You could always look at specific choices when it  comes to having thick hair, as the features and settings that these models sport are designed around serving thicker hair-types.

Comb It!

Thick-HairComb your hair, for the love of God, do it! Thick hair doesn’t deserve to be sticking all over the place, make use of common courtesy and comb your hair like a normal person should. You’ve got a wonderful head of hair, make sure that you’re not wasting it by constantly forgetting to wash and comb. If you won’t treat your hair right, you might as well be bald! Combing your hair should also give you a sense of achievement, you made yourself look good; pat yourself on the back every once in a while.

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