How to Make Your Green Smoothie Taste Better

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Who said that green smoothies shouldn’t be tasty? Sure, with ingredients such as spinach, herbs, and kale, they can taste downright awful. However, with a little creativity, you can spruce up your green smoothies without losing the nutritional value. Here’s how;

Vary Your Greens

This is perhaps the surest way to improve your smoothie’s taste. You see, various greens taste differently. It is therefore essential that you be flexible with your greens to improve the flavor and the digestibility of your smoothie. You can, for instance, blend spinach with broccoli, sweet peas and berries.

Add a Banana

Again, it all boils down to the ingredients that you use. Consider adding a frozen banana into your green smoothie to make it creamy and tasty.  Bananas are naturally sweet and are rich in fiber and potassium. Their sweetness helps balance out earthy and grass flavors of your veggies and greens.

Other fruits that you can include in your smoothie include apples, pear, lemon, lime, pineapple and pitted cherries just to mention but a few.

Use a Good Machine

Yes, the smoothie maker that you use determines how well the flavors will blend in. You may choose a unit that features a citrus press, blend, and a juicer. In fact, your machine should allow you to process ingredients other than your greens and vegetable.

And, choosing a blender that suits your needs doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Visit  to view a collection of some of the best smoothie makers on the market and how they can help improve your green smoothies.

Follow a Recipe

The primary reason your green smoothie will lack in flavor is not having a recipe. The thing is, it takes a well laid out procedure to make your smoothie yummy. Never make the mistake of thinking that you can simply throw ingredients into your blender and expect superior results.

It is, therefore, essential that you get a recipe before making your smoothie. And it doesn’t have to be something complicated. In fact, you can write down one depending on your ingredients. Besides, a recipe will help reduce food wastage.

The Bottom Line

Green smoothies are indeed healthy. However, that doesn’t mean in any way they should have a terrible taste. Don’t be afraid to blend different ingredients. Keep experimenting with super-foods such as chia seed, raw cacao or maca root to improve the nutritional value and taste of your smoothies.

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