Marking metal with a fiber laser

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Traditionally mental marking is carried out using machine marking, ink based printing or chemical etching. However, lasers provide a new alternative to these other methods. The use of laser also have advantages over these more traditional methods.

Lasers are a popular choice for making metal because they can be automated and involve a non-contact process. The use no consumables which makes them more environmentally than other making such as ink based marking. Lasers can be used to mar metal for a diverse range of applications such as electronics, tools and medical device industries.

Leave a precise permanent mark

There are many types of lasers that can be used for metal marking. However, the latest technology of fiber lasers is becoming a forerunner in the market. Permanent marks are required on many metal products. It is important to use a machine that can produce a high contrast and precise permanent mark without affecting the integrity of the metal. Precise and small shapes can be marked on the metal with extreme accuracy.

Freedom in design

If you are looking for a laser that can mark metal with barcodes, logos and serial numbers a fiber laser system can meet your needs and offer you freedom in the design as practically any design can be created with the laser, even photos can be designed.

Cost saving

Fiber laser marking does not operate the same way traditional methods do. A fiber laser does not use consumables such as inks or chemicals which increase costs.

Requires almost no maintenance

Fiber lasers are robust and have a long operational life. They are designed to withstand many years of intensive use with minimal service maintenance required.  Therefore this lack of servicing required can also be a cost saving factor.

A faster option and easy to operate

These lasers operate and mark at high speed. They are operated by intelligent and natural marking software which makes it easy to use

An environmentally friendlier option

Companies are moving away from the more traditional marking materials such as ink based printing or chemical etching which uses acid. This is because they are looking for a solution to make their markings more environmentally friendly. A fiber laser is a more environmentally friendly option as it does not use consumables such as inks or chemicals. Therefore it is a clean way to process metals.

Engraving metals with a fiber laser

Laser engraving such as Fiber Laser Marking Machines & Engraving Systems • Needham Laser is the preferred method of metal marking as it leaves a noticeable mark on stainless steel and other metals.

It leads to an ablation of the material on steel parts. The material vaporizes and the color changes. Due to the very high energy of the laser, materials like steel, titanium and other metals can be vaporized directly.

To achieve this ablation, high powers at fairly slow and medium marking speeds are required. The lower the frequency, the higher the possible pulse of energy. That means the lowest possible frequency should be chosen for engraving.

This approach leaves a visible mark but does not affect the surface finish or other properties of the metal.

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