My Experience With the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

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As we all know the world is moving into a time of fitness, health and self preservation unlike the generation before us. I myself have always had a hard time getting to the gym , especially with the distance i have to travel everyday just to get there it feels defeating before i even begin.

My neighbor Dennis finally bought the new gym machine he’s been talking about called the BowFlex PR1000 and claims it to be the best home gym in 2016 which i, knowing little about immediately disregarded and assumed it was just another bulky expensive rowing machine like my father used to have. Then i used it. I was already over there helping him unbox the thing and put it together so i figured i may as well try it out and see if it is as good as he claims it to be.

Twenty minutes into our “gym sesh” as he calls it i was completely aching with every part of me feeling absolutely worked. We got through over 10 different sets of exercises in just a little over twenty minutes and i never thought that i could feel the burn in so many areas so quickly , considering i was used to my 3 simple repetitive work out cycles from the gym.

Now im practically over there every afternoon going through my workout routines with him and im putting on muscle and toning the little muscle i had faster than i’ve ever thought possible and now I’m finally starting to see why he calls it the best one.

If you are someone who struggles to get out of bed in the morning , someone who doesn’t like the idea of hard work to achieve the higher things in life much like myself then this is the alternative for you. It can sit in your living room if you want it to. It can sit in your bedroom, if you want it to. The choice is yours because that is the convenience and the accessibility that you get out of the BowFlex PR1000.

If you’ve never tried out a home gym before then now is the time! Don’t waste time traversing to the gym every day in and out of traffic, i mean who wants to sit in traffic for an hour bored out of their minds getting frustrated only to spend an hour in a gym with a routine that takes you all over the gymnasium from machine to machine and in the end only works out a particular group of muscles. With the BowFlex PR1000 you get to work each and everyone of the core muscle groups and achieve that amazing body you’ve always dreamed of without the worry of under-training a particular muscle group and without all of the frustration! .

After days of fighting over who’s using the bench press first , and arguments over who left the weights set to heavy for the other to change (me) , he finally showed me where to get my own and insisted that i get one myself as well.
In short if you’re going to buy a total home gym, then in my opinion the BowFlex PR1000 is by far the best that 2016 has to offer. What are you waiting for, get one yourself now!

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