How a Paintball Vest Redeemed Me

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I’m not a sporty or athletic person at all. I don’t like getting dirty, going hiking, or even being around nature. I’ll blame this on my allergies, but even if I wasn’t allergic to everything green I’d still prefer to stay indoors with my beloved books and crafty hobbies.

That being said, the rest of my family members are avid sports enthusiasts. If it gets you sweaty, dirty, and spending your days outside, they’ve probably done it and loved it.

Once a year, the entire family on both sides gets together for a friendly paintball competition. As you can guess, it’s my mom’s side against my dad’s side. My siblings and cousins plan for this at least three or four months in advance. Yes, they’re absolutely serious about this “war.”

The past few years I’ve been able to get out of participating in the actual battle. One year I contracted adult chicken pox. My mother accused me of doing it on purpose. I told her I just got lucky.

Another year I broke my toe. The family demanded I send them pictures of my cast. My doctor was kind enough to get in the picture with me to provide the proof.

However, this year nothing happened to me. I kept thinking I’d get food poisoning or something, since I love to eat out at those buffets with questionable sanitation. But my health remained just as robust as ever.

I had a sinking feeling that I wouldn’t be able to get out of this year’s festivities, so I resigned myself to preparing for the trauma. If I was going to subject myself to getting shot at with paintballs, then I was going to make sure I minimized the pain as much as possible.

This is where Plate Carrier Zone came in. This site helps you pick out tactical gear for various activities, from military to law enforcement to paintball session.

Since I have a small build, I needed a paintball vest that would be light enough and provide enough room to carry certain items. I didn’t know how long I’d be out there with my family members, so I needed to make sure I had a way to carry my snacks, allergy meds, and anything else I’d need.

If you’ve never played paintball before, you might think my precautions are extreme, but I have no problems admitting to you that I’m not a fan of pain. Those paintballs hurt when they strike you, particularly at close range. The last time I played, I was shot at least twenty times in various places on my body. Most of the bruises healed within a few weeks, but some of the more sensitive locations took a month or two to completely fade away.

During this time, I had to wear long sleeves because I got tired of people asking about the bruises. Even worse, I didn’t like the accusing looks directed at my partner or the pitying looks aimed at me.

This year I was prepared. When I showed up in full gear the rest of my family had a good laugh at my precautions. They could laugh all they want but I wasn’t going home with the bruises they would have.

At the last minute, I found out I’d be out in the field all day long with the rest of the family. I made one last attempt to stay in the food prep tent, but everyone shooed me out. I even tried using the excuse that I’m a girl and should be treated gently. They all laughed at me. I told you my family is different.

At the end of the day, I performed better than I did the last time I played. Plus, I only got shot six times, which is a huge improvement. Everyone asked me what my secret was. I couldn’t say because I think I simply got lucky. But in all honestly, I think I did a better job of sneaking up on my opponents.

I know for sure it wasn’t my shooting ability. While everyone else emptied and refilled their hoppers with paintballs countless times, I believe I only used half of what everyone did. Perhaps it was my patience. I preferred sniping the others to zealously spraying.

I was pleased that I’d redeemed myself, but now the family expected me to participate again next year. I hope I develop some sort of illness.


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