My Rather Dubious Storage Rental Experience

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I don’t rent storage space all that often but I bought some expensive computer equipment and before going on my holiday I figured it might be safer to put it in storage instead of leaving it at my house unprotected.

I invested in mining equipment, if you don’t know what that is, I’m talking about cryptocurrency mining here based on GPU’s. That are extremely pricey graphical cards, and each computer has about six of them. In my case, I bought six rigs which equals six times six makes thirty-six of those cards. Talking about an investment of over fifteen thousand dollars and you don’t just want to leave that at home.

So my search for storage started, the city I live in unfortunately offers only two storage companies, one in the middle of nowhere outside the city that I couldn’t find, even after asking around I couldn’t find it. I only saw one terrain where it might be, poorly secured at best so that didn’t look like the right place to my stuff away.

Another one was in the middle of the city, with security staff being there 24/7, security cameras at every corner and overall a modern professional look. I went inside, viewed some of the storage options and found a just large enough container that I could put my computers in.

It was quite affordable, I think about fifty dollars for a couple of days so I was ready to sign the contract until I read the small letters in the contract. As it turns out it said that the storage was unprotected, no insurance, and that I was responsible for anything that would happen inside.

Wait a minute, I’m hiring a storage company to keep my computers safe but they don’t take any responsibility to do that? That can’t be true, can it? I talked to the receptionist and she said that without signing the contract she wouldn’t let me store my things and that it was completely normal to have such clause in place.

In my mind that means they could simply steal my computers and take zero responsibility, well that’s not how it works in my book so I left, stored my computers at a friend place instead, I trust him more than some dubious company and went on holiday with little on my mind, besides an odd experience richer.

When I came home I started to look at some other storage companies and found Smart Lock Storage. I couldn’t find any information on their website that the customer is responsible in whatever situation that took place (yeah my local storage company literally covered themselves at every front), perhaps I’ll give them a call one of these days to see what terms & conditions they have to see if it’s just normal practice or that there is indeed something strange going on with our local storage company. Once I know more I will definitely update this post so that you know how or what.

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