Runner – In need of Reliable Sports Headphones…Help!

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I am a keen runner and I run long distances. It has to be said, as much as I love running, long-distance running can be boring without tunes to run to.  As a long time runner, running over many years…ahem…I have had issues (to say the least) finding a decent pair of headphones.

Over the years, my headphones have fallen apart, stopped working, filled with sweat, given me a slight electric shock (not ideal in a headphone, lol) and basically, driven me mad.

Now I am in the market for new headphones, I have made it my mission to find a decent, affordable pair that will just do the job. Not to much to ask? I hope not but to date I have had much luck thus far. Here’s hoping!

My requisites are, they stay in my ears, they carry on working sweat or not, let’s face it that is inevitable, running i hard work! The sound quality is important. I don’t mind the headphones having a cable and I would like a pair that monitors my workouts, similar to a Nike+, so I can monitor the progress of my workouts. I wanted to look at all types of headphones before I spent my hard earned readies. I was willing pay more for a quality pair because I am pretty sick of forking out again and again for ear phones that have given up the will to live after a very short time. My researches found the following:

Sennheiser – From £165

SennheiserSennheiser’s this is the latest in the Momentum range sans wires. If you use these for running you will still look stylish as they look elegant and classy. The sound quality is clear with very little to no distortion. The control buttons are in the ear cup itself, they are also noise cancelling, great if you want to concentrate on something whilst listening to various media. These used to be way more expensive but are substantially more reasonable in price.

Jabra – From £149

JabraRaved about by some of my runner friends, I believe these headphones are very popular and some of the best wireless buds you can buy.  Absolutely tailor made for running apparently. Sound quality is excellent and they also have a heart rate monitor feature too. These headphones are compatible with an iOS and Android so you can check your running stats. and progress.

Plantronics – £69.33

PlantronicsThis is another ear bud type ear phone that my running friends rave about. These headphones have full stereo sound and sound isolating technology. If you fully charge these headphones before you go out and play music non-stop they will last approximately 4 hours before needing to be recharge. Considering what you get for the money very good value.

JayBird – £142.66

JayBirdThese are specifically designed for people who exercise (yay!). These headphones are light and durable ear-bud style and have an 8 hour charge, perfect for very long runs. Clear stereo audio. These headphones also promise to be sweat proof. Perfect for long, sweaty workouts, just like mine.


Just goes to show what a bit of research can do. There are so many headphones on the market. With or without cables, noise cancelling or not, ear buds, full ear, bluetooth etc., etc.. The prices range from a quid to thousands of pounds. There is a headphone to suit every price, every requirement. Just consider what you want, research them and go for it!

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