Safety Tips to Keep You and Your Baby Safe

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It’s easier than it looks to cause injury when opening and closing a baby stroller amongst other hazards, it’s good to know a few safety tips before you carry on strolling.

baby-blocksGet the right one

  • Always look for a harness for your baby’s safety.
  • Traditionally umbrella strollers are not built for smaller/younger babies but now they are designed to recline and even take a car seat.
  • As you go more upmarket you will find more positions for comfort.

Strolling means strolling

  • Be patient with your little one, no running when they are so small and vulnerable
  • Jogging strollers do exist and only for an infant of at least one year old
  • Make absolutely sure this is the case when you purchase, check the manual, if it is not suitable for jogging along then it will be stated on the manual
  • Ensure the harness is very secure with 5 straps if you want to run with your infant

baby-boy-smilingPractice run

  • Bringing your baby home for the first time is most likely to be in a car seat
  • Check you know how to use your stroller before you have to juggle bag, baby and buggy
  • Make sure you know how to secure the car seat onto the stroller, it may not be easy the first time and if you have a sleeping baby all wrapped up ready to go you need to know how
  • Check you know how to put the brakes on, nothing worse than fiddling around trying to work it out when you are out and about

crawing-babySecond hand safety

  • There have been instances of recall of strollers in the past, you can check this with Consumer Product Safety Commission or you can check with the manufacturer
  • If you still wish to go ahead with second hand ask someone mechanically minded to check it over, check the brakes, harness etc. the same as you would want these safety features in your second hand car

David Cameron will puff out his red cheeks for a royal babyOpen and shut

  • Get into the habit of listening for the click that tells you your stroller is locked and ready to use
  • Little fingers can get trapped, your finger could get trapped, your infant can end up temporarily trapped inside if it collapses
  • Strollers have been recalled in the past because of dangerous hinges so keep an eye on them for wear and tear
  • Never leave it open where children can climb in before it is ready
  • Keep them away from the stroller when you open or shut it

home-headerBuckle up

  • Five point harnesses are much more secure, use it every time
  • It is very easy to tip a baby up when going down a kerb; they can end up flat on their face!
  • They can wriggle out of three point harnesses quite easily, the same goes for a five point harness if it is not on securely over the shoulders


  • Always take ramps and elevators when possible
  • If you really have no choice but to take the escalator get someone to help you, carry the stroller at each end
  • Do not be tempted to take stairs with your infant in the stroller, fold it up and carry them both, it is safer


  • Wheel problems can be systemic with some strollers.
  • Good wheels will all sit on the ground with baby inside, check for that
  • Some are designed to work with one wheel missing, if you need to replace and repair
  • If you do not have that type of design do not try to stroll with a missing wheel
  • If you know how the quick-connect release wheels work you can re-tighten them if they become lose, if not take it to the store or even a bicycle shop where they can help you


  • It doesn’t’t take a lot of movement for your stroller to move, any time you stop put on the brakes and always at bus stops and railway stations

Shocked-babyHandle bars are for hands

  • How many times have you seen a lightweight stroller tipping up, baby and all! Handlebars are not for hanging changing bags or shopping or any other kind of bag
  • Use the basket under the stroller for storage of bags and shopping
  • Excess can be carried on a backpack
  • Never, never find yourself in this situation where your little one can be frightened and/or injured!

So there it all is in black and white, practice opening and closing your stroller before you have to juggle it all with your baby.

Check you know all the safety features of your stroller, maintain it, and don’t put strain on it.

Keep you and your baby safe every time.

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