How to Save on Lego Purchases

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With children in the home, you are looking at Lego games being strewn all over the floor each day.  The need for the pieces does not stop at any time, because there are more than a million pieces produced, and you need to get a few more each week to satisfy the hunger of the kids.

If you are not careful, you might end up spending more than you planned to spend on Lego collections. This is why you need to find a way to save on the purchases. Let us look at the various ways to do this.

Buy in Bulk

While buying a single set is great, you are better off having several pieces to build your designs with. With more items, you give your kids more to work with, and they will take time before they can get through the parts. This means the need for more pieces reduces.

You can also buy as many pieces as you want, and you know that the more the pieces, the lower the cost. Some stores allow you to buy the pieces in the form of bucketfuls, go for this because most of the time you end up with more pieces than you can imagine.

Another option is to order the bricks in bulk from an online store. The more you buy, the cheaper the purchase.

Have Guides

Your kids get bored when the Lego bricks they have become boring. This is why they dispose of them and ask for another set. What you need to do is to make sure you have a guide that helps them get the best out of the set. This means they will take a lot of time trying to make all the builds, which reduces the need for more.

You need to get the right guide for each set. Additionally, watch out for an updated version of the set, so that you get the best tips to make use of the set.

Most of the guides show the kid step by step on how to come up with the various models. The step is visual, so you don’t have to worry that your kid has to go through a lot of literature to make sense of what to do. If the game doesn’t come with a guide, pick the right one from

Giving a child a book is similar to breathing new life into the bricks that you have. The book gives the child new challenges to make use of the bricks a little bit longer. You can also take time to bunch up the different bricks that the kids have forgotten about so that they can organize the collection.

With the guides, your kid gets a new interest to the bricks that are already within the house, and you will not have to add more bricks to the home.

Have a Box

If you let the kids have their way, soon you will not find where the pieces are. You need to give them somewhere to store these pieces so that they do not get lost. Remember a single missing piece might necessitate purchasing the whole set again or spending more on a single piece.

Having a box makes sure the pieces are always in a single place. The rate of replacement reduces, and you do not have to worry about buying new pieces any time sooner.

Look for Lego Sales

Various online stores offer sales on Lego pieces. The sales run for a few days or months, and during the sales, you enjoy a discount on the pieces.

You need to take time to know when these sales and offers run so that you do not miss any.

Lego sales are common, and they help you save anything from 10-50 dollars. You can decide to buy all the pieces you need during the year at the sale so that you end up saving a lot on the purchases. Take time to know your kids’ preferences though; otherwise you end up with pieces that do not appeal to the kids at all.

In Closing

You need to find a way to save some money on Lego purchases. The money you save can go a long way in making sure you buy more at any one time so that you do not have to keep buying pieces each week.

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