How to Stay Healthy While Still Having Delicious Food and Drinks

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When you first think about getting healthy, it doesn’t always sound that appealing. Thoughts of long strenuous workouts and bland food come to mind. You start to dread spending half your life sweating in the gym and missing out on your favorite savory snacks. Contrary to those beliefs, it’s possible to enjoy your food and life while maintaining good overall health.

Embrace The 80/20 Rule

Just like many areas of life, the 80/20 rule applies to health and wellness. With this rule, the belief is you should put 80 percent of your focus on your nutrition and 20 percent on being active. The good news about that is you won’t have to spend the majority of your time on activities you hate. Instead, you can spend reasonable time doing things you enjoy.

The 80 of the 80/20Rule: Good Nutrition

As for the nutrition piece, it’s a lot more fun than you probably realize. You won’t be dieting or depriving yourself from foods you love. It’s more about changing the way you enjoy your current foods. This new take on wellness is a great way to experience new ingredients, recipes, and new ways of cooking. You’ll even get to discover different nutritious homemade drinks.

Many forget that drinks are a big part of wellness too. Calories from just the type of drinks that accompany our food can add up. Just making small changes to your beverage can improve your health. Instead of sugary soda or store bought juice, make your own. Use a high quality juicer like the Juicer Cruiser to have drinks that are tasty and good for you.

Use Healthy Ingredients to Enhance the Flavors of Your Food

When you get on the path to learning about nutrition, you’ll learn about the power of eating a wide variety of food. Different fruits, vegetables, and even meats have benefits that work together. You’ll not only be enhancing the taste of food, but also how it works to improve your body on the inside and out.

For instance, the Vitamin C that you can find in citrus fruits is good for you skin and boosting your immune system. Those same citrus fruits are good for giving natural flavor to your meats and vegetables. Spices like Cayenne pepper work simultaneously to add flavor, burn calories, and curb your appetite. As a result, you’ll enjoy delicious food and lose weight. There are many more combinations of food packed with health benefits and flavor.

Workout How You Want

Don’t force yourself to do workouts just because that’s the way others do it. Remember, fitness doesn’t have to mean slamming barbells for two hours in the gym. Go for a walk, play basketball, or take a scenic bike ride. Even swimming or kayaking is a good way to get in a workout. Instead of going against the things you enjoy doing in your free time, find a way to make them apart of your fitness regimen.

Use the Right Equipment

A good piece of advice for overall good health is to not deprive yourself when it comes to having the proper tools. Start with wearing the proper shoes when doing fitness activities. Wear walking shoes for walking, running shoes for running, and proper shoes for hiking or water sports. It will help you do activities properly and prevent injuries.

When discovering new ways to prepare food and drinks you already love, don’t skim on the utensils. Invest in a good set of cookware that’s not going to peel or flake and will last a while. The last thing you want is to have coatings peeling off in your food. You also want to have good blenders and juicers that will prepare your liquid food and drinks properly. Taking the step to make an investment in these items will show your commitment to improve your health.

The moral of the story is, don’t let myths and your own fears keep you from having a better quality of life. Do the things you enjoy, try new foods and preparation methods, and use good equipment. Have fun on your new wellness journey. Using variety and new knowledge to enhance what you already enjoy is the best way to improve your health.

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