Wake Up, It’s Time For An Espresso

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EspressoWaking up in the morning and having to go to work is no reason to feel overjoyed, but the thing is that it can be if you know how to make a good espresso that’s going to instantly wake you up. I personally believe that the secret to making the best espresso is patience and the right ingredients, but technique is the most important aspect that many people overlook. So if you’re like me and you want to make sure you have the energy you need to go through a full day at work without struggling to stay awake, then below I’ll share with you my secret of making a delicious espresso.


Okay, first things first, you need to have the right ingredients and in this case I’m going to use ground espresso beans (about a quarter of an ounce per shot) and some purified water.

Types of roasts

espresso (1)Now let me tell you that there are many kinds of roasts that you can consider, but because everyone has different preferences, it’s my advice that you do your research and make sure you go with the one that you know you like best. For instance, if you traveled to Italy, then you probably know that in the northern part people prefer a medium roast, but if you traveled to the southern part of the country, a darker roast is everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee in this case).

Fresh is always better

espressoOne thing that I want to empathize on is the freshness of the coffee beans. They need to be as fresh as possible if you want your espresso to taste the way it should. In fact, the closer they are to the roast date, the better your espresso will taste.

Grind the beans at home

espressoYou’d be surprised to find out just how many people fail at making sure they grind their coffee beans with a high quality grinder. In this case, I recommend that you use a high quality espresso grinder, since this is specifically designed to ensure the taste, consistency and aroma of your espresso. In my experience, a good espresso grind needs to be about the consistency of sugar.

Purified water is best

Now when it comes to the water, I recommend that you use purified water, since it doesn’t contain pollutants or minerals of any kind and make sure that you heat it up to ninety degrees Celsius or 200F. Boiling water should never be used, since it basically prevents you from making good coffee.

Use enough coffee

espresso-coffeeIf you want to make just one espresso, then I recommend you use no more and no less than 7 grams of coffee or a quarter of an ounce. If you want to go for a double espresso, then use 14 grams.

The final step to making a delicious espresso

espresso-cupLast but not least, make sure that you carefully pack the grinds into the handle or portafilter of your espresso machine using a tamper. After that, you’ll need to wait for approximately five to ten seconds until you see the first few drops of coffee to appear and between twenty to twenty five seconds to create 1 or 2 oz respectively. When the coffee is done, you’ll see foam on the surface. That signals your espresso is ready so you can go ahead and enjoy it!

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